The use of flower essences have gained world-wide recognition due to their contribution to holistic health and emotional healing. 

Here you will find the available essences, combination blends and special blends. All essences can be ordered from the shop part of the website.
You can order any blend by writing the name of the blend in the comment box.

First Light® Custom blend©

~ Up to 8 native plant essences in a blend that come to assist you at this time.
~ Can be self-chosen or custom made for you according to your wishes.
~ Help to restore well being and give emotional and spiritual support.
~ Native plant essences of New Zealand that carry a natural blueprint for well being.
~ Let nature talk to you and help you adjust patterns in your life that are keeping you from living in a full and wholehearted manner.
~ Assist your personality to be the interface to the world that it is meant to be.

1 x 25ml treatment bottle (one month’s supply)

“You didn’t come into this world.  You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.  You are not a stranger here.
~ Alan Watts

First Light® Te Wheke blend©

~ 8 essences that help us support our well-being on a very deep level.
~ The 8 tentacles of Te wheke help one to assess what parts of ourself need recalibration to function better as a whole.
~ Further reading on Te Wheke: Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere’s book Te Wheke that help us link into the Octopus for total well-being and development.
~ Please look at the website : Ao Ako Global Learning Ltd for more information and how to order the book Te Wheke.

1 x 25ml treatment bottle (one month’s supply)

“Long have the ancient teachings of Hawaiiki in traditional Maori terms been protected awaiting a time when the world would be ready. That time is now. ~ Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere” 

First Light® Zodiac blend©

~ 8 native plant essences that correspond to our stellar origin.
~ Includes your keynote essence which has an astrological assocation with one of the twelve zodiacal signs corresponding to 3 flower essences.
~ General support for one’s solar and lunar expression expression in life.
~ Looks at what zodial quality you would like to express at this time and what can assist you to  to support your life’s expression.

1 x 25ml treatment bottle (one month’s supply)

“The world without a flower would be a face without a smile, a feast without a welcome.  Are not flowers the stars of the earth, and are not our stars the flowers of the heaven.” ~  A.J. Balfour 

All these Flower essence combination blends are made
with First Light Flower essences of New Zealandand
are available through the shop part of this website.

When ordering a specific blend, please state this in the comments.

Combination blends from the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range:


First Light® Crisis Support©
– Nature to the Rescue.
All purpose emergency formula for adults, children and pets; stability and calm during times of emotional stress, upset, crisis, tension, shock. 
Note: A natual rescue remedy.

First Light® Sleep Support© 
– Sweet dreams.
Calming, relaxing, soothing; can help with tension or stress often associated with lack of sleep.
Note: Reset your sleep patterns.

First Light® Travel Support©
– Refresh and revive.
Refreshing, re-energising, re-integrating; for the energetic challenges associated with travel.
Note: Take before, during and after travel.

First Light® White Light Support©
– Energetic Protection.
A natural space clearer; safe sacred space; helps clear spaces of discord, tension, negative energies.
Note: A beautiful essence for children with sleep issues.

First Light® Feminine Support©
– Embracing the Feminine.
For energetic changes associated with childbirth, pregnancy, birth, menopause, marriage, menarche, motherhood, parenthood, hormonal shifts, mood swings.
Note:  for all feminine rites of passage.

First Light® De-Stress Support©
– Inner Peace and Calm.
Poise and tranquillity; use when stressed,over-stimulated by external stimuli or experiencing excess mental activity.
Note: Find a new balance within.

Other combination blends available from the First Light© range :

First Light® Aura clear Support© Clear and Revitalise
Aura cleanser and re-vitaliser specially formulated for 21st century conditions and challenges.

First Light® 
Chakra Balance Support© – Harmony and Balance
Chakra balancer, energiser and protector specially formulated for 21st century conditions.
First Light® 
Self-Empowerment Support© – Restore self-confidence
Helps restore self-confidence, self-assurance and self-esteem; for all situations – work, school, performance and public speaking.

First Light® De-Tox Support© Purify and Release
Supports the release of old habits and the elimination of outworn non-regenerative patterns.

First Light® Exam and Study Support©
Focus and Recall
Calm clear mind; mental focus and memory recall; for accessing right and left brain function.
First Light® 
Sensual Support© – Love and Intimacy
Passion, fulfilment; ease of emotional and physical expression.

First Light® Weight loss Support© – Natural Weight management
Helps optimise willpower; supports positive behavioural changes; moving beyond old emotionally based eating patterns


All blends made with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®


Speciality blends made with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

Wairua – Spirit blend

~ Connecting you in with your spirit helpers and the ancient healing energies of  Aotearoa.

~ To assist you in standing for a better self and Self. To awaken to the call of your spirit to be all that you are meant to be.

~ Awakening to those parts of you that have lain dormant and are now ready to step forward, celebrating life.

~ To be connected to who you really are, to recognise your song and sing it.

~ To help us take life peace by peace.

1 x 25ml treatment bottle (one month’s supply)

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”
~ Nelson Mandela

Mareikura – Angel blend

~ To connect to and reflect upon the light of the mareikura, the angelic beings.

~ To come to greater understanding and greater allowing of their energies in your own holistic makeup.

~ To help create the matrix for more light and understanding of yourself and to expand your wisdom of your origins.

~ To create a strong and solid human foundation for housing your spirit’s spark.

~ To connect with joy and to take yourself lightly in order to fly.

1 x 25ml treatment bottle (one month’s supply)

“Flowers are the alphabet of angels, whereby they write on the hills and fields mysterious truths.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

Kaha – The Essence of Strength

~ Reconnecting to one’s inner strength and spirit to create a path through the darkness.

~ Taking the necessary steps to restore order and clear the clutter in life.

~ Courage of heart and passion for life restored through finding joy in the moment.

~ Stringing the beads of beauty and pearls of wisdom in one’s life into a strong guidance to follow and rely upon.

~ To restore hope and faith.

~ Seeing through your higher nature.

1 x 25ml treatment bottle (one month’s supply)

“There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.”
~ Mother Teresa