About Irene


Irene is a life and well being coach, healer and medicine woman based in Whangarei, Northland. She works with individuals, family / whanau and groups and uses the energy of plants, trees and flowers to create new possibilities and views on situations in one’s life that are in need of support or healing. 

She would like to assist you in connecting with your own health and well-being and become empowered from within.

Born in the Netherlands Irene felt the call to move to Aotearoa New Zealand from an early age. She first came to New Zealand in 1993. She continued to travel back and forth for a number of years before finally settling in New Zealand in 2003. 
The Netherlands is where her physical ancestors come from and connects her to her heritage.
Aotearoa, New Zealand is the country of her heart and connects her with her life purpose.

Irene works with flower essences from the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® collection.
She is a qualified teacher, practitioner and diploma holder of First Light Flower Essences New Zealand®. 
Irene has undertaken Healers & (Advanced) Shamanic and Celestial Regents studies through Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies®. She has been training for the past 8 years with Franchelle Ofsoskė -Wyber (a Master Shaman and Matakite) and Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere (a Maori Wisdomkeeper and Tohuna) from Lake Waikaremoana.

Irene works as a First Light® teacher in New Zealand and overseas.
She is a member of the Ao Ako Global Learning team and assists Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere to bring the knowledge and the healing properties of New Zealand’s people and plants forward for all.

First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand®
Ao Ako Global Learning



Irene is a highly intuitive and skilled healer. She goes down the rabbit hole of possibilities to accurately locate, prescribe and deliver the perfect flower essence combination that will successfully address whatever you face.
She gets to the heart of the matter with extremely effective solutions and is a real blessing to the world. ~A.B.

I have used Irene’s remedies on a number of occasions – helping with skin allergies and cleansing our house after an event.
I found Irene listens carefully and has a clarity of mind that cuts to the essence.
This is reflected in her remedies which I found beneficial personally and for the good of our household. ~ S.D.

When my partner of nearly 30 years died suddenly my life was turned upside down. I was overwhelmed with sadness, grief and anxiety. Irene proved me with flower essences that steadied me so I could step forward. I am very grateful for her wisdom, knowledge and expertise.
Thank you Irene. ~ J.D.

Irene made up some drops to assist in opening my heart and it really surpassed itself with the love I gave and received from my family, upon visiting them.
Thank you so much. ~ D.C.

Irene is helping on my journey of healing old hurts and new personal growth… Irene has, I feel, a deep wisdom and is in tune with it, a precious gift. I am very grateful to have her in my life. ~ T.

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