Courses for 2020

New Zealand

14-15 March, Trees, NZNFE105-106, Whangarei

Tree Essences No’s 44-50 Chakras

Balance, Strengthen and Protect the Chakras

Each of the seven native tree essences is associated with one of the seven major chakras. The chakras are metaphysical centres through which powerful life force, prana or chi flows into the physical being to balance, strengthen, protect, energise and clear not only the chakras themselves, but our whole being. The Sanskrit word ‘chakra’ means wheel or disc. The seven main chakras in the human energy field are rotating wheels of light and subtle activity. They function as centres of energy and align with the spinal column in the body.

Chakras are like doorways that can open the full potential for establishing the right relationship between the body and mind or between the physical and metaphysical aspects of our being. They are the keys that unlock hidden inner capacities that produce the harmonious expression of the whole person.

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst, referred to the chakras as being ‘gateways of consciousness’.

The chakras influence all our thoughts, feelings and actions: they establish the quality of our personal life and our experience of life. They influence and determine our relationship to everything that occurs in our daily life.

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1-2 August, Seeds, NZNFE107-108, Whangarei

Seed Essences No’s 51-62 DNA

Restoring DNA Master Patterns for Living

Seeds are capsules of pure life force and evolutionary potential, containing master patterns of life or DNA – and those patterns of life are at the core of all physical existence including the cells of the human body. It is the master pattern, the blueprint upon which life emerges.

Primordial light codes of power

These blueprints are the expression of our perfected nature. They are ‘primordial light codes of power’. These primordial light codes of power are the twelve primary patterns that equate to the twelve behavioural patterns that are our true relationship with all life.

These behavioural patterns awaken us to the true nature of living – which is to have positive dynamic relationship with all aspects of life. The twelve native seed essences help to restore the original divine blueprints or patterns of right living at a DNA level.

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19-20 September, Plants, NZNFE109-110, Whangarei

Plant Essences No’s 63-84 Soul Lessons

Enhance Life Experiences – Live Consciously

The twenty-two native plant essences are made from a spectrum of different types of plants including trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, herbs and ferns. These natural emotional remedies are life enhancers designed to help enhance life’s experiences and to assist the soul to move through the twenty-two universal archetypal life challenges and situations encountered on the journey of life.

These twenty-two plants are magical helper plants that have been given the responsibility of assisting, protecting and helping the individual soul on its journey and quest. These essences help us to successfully participate in our life, experiencing it as a magical journey with a series of challenges, tests, trials and initiations through which we can progress and emerge empowered and whole.

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31 Oct -1 Nov, Flowers, NZNFE101-102, Whangarei

Flowers of transformation 1-36

Transform your Attitude – Change your Life with these Natural Emotional Remedies

The 36 First Light® flower essences in the Flower Collection focus on the personality, addressing the 36 personality archetypes, expressions and predispositions that can express in a positive or negative manner. They also address the negative attitudes, emotions, mindsets, moods, responses and states we can all experience at a personality level at any time.

Personality types
According to Dr Edward Bach, all human expression takes place through our particular personality type. Dr Bach taught that many problems on the physical plane are directly related to the inability to express our personality type to its maximum advantage, or purest form of expression.

The First Light® flower essences No’s 1-36 correspond to specific qualities in our personalities, that when expressed positively, attract harmonious situations or experiences to us.

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Netherlands / United Kingdom

Courses in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom planned for the first half of 2020 have been cancelled due to Covid-19. They might be planned for later in the year. I will update this page when I have more information.

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