Age of Aquarius 

The Aquarian age has been prophesized by the indigenous wisdomkeepers of this earth as the time where humankind will remember their connection with the earth and all her relations and understand that we are all One.
The Native American wisdomkeepers call these times the `The Age of Floral Waters’.
Maori elders know this age as Te-wa-o-nga-wai-ahuru, ‘Age of Cherishing Waters’ or ‘The Age of the Mother’.
The two wavy lines of Aquarius can be explained to reflect the energies of the planets Saturn and Uranus. When we combine the old and natural ways of Saturn and the new and technological ways of Uranus, it shows us co-operation holds the key to bring us back the wisdom of the ages.

The Piscean Age, sometimes known as the church age, has as its roots in the male-centered Judeo-Christian world view. This age is known for the love for power and force, and separatism and righteousness. In the Piscean Age of religious faith and traditional hierarchies, people in the healing and religious professions separated themselves from the world and lived a life of reclusion. The everyday person would rely on a priest, rabbi, shaman, doctor to guide them in their faith and health.

In the Aquarian Age which can also be called the ‘Age of the householder’, we are called to take responsibility for our own divine connection and health. We all live engaged lives and our spiritual calling is pursued in the midst of everything else that is happening for us at this time. We are being called to spiritualise our lives, our work, our relationships, so that our own spirit can be our guide and inspiration in life and come to its fullest expression on earth.

The words of Dr. Rangimarie Rose Pere’s:
‘Hei atua, hei tangata’ ~ (‘We are both divine and human’) give way to a deeper understanding of the two wavy lines of the Aquarius sign.

The first line representing the ‘atua’ and the second line the ‘tangata’. Our ‘turangawaewae’, our place to stand, as a human being is where the two worlds come together, the spiritual and the physical, the divine and the human. The human is the divine child in the middle, and creating a vision for the future is our sacred responsibility.

The Aquarian age is the time where it is of crucial importance to unite our divinity and our humanness and live a balanced and empowered life from our hearts. We are called to pursue our spiritual calling and serve the people, the earth we walk on and the heavens we look up to.

The Age of Aquarius is therefore the time that we work in cooperation with Nature to bring about the changes that mother Earth has been waiting for. For many years a patriarchal society has held our eyes locked to heaven to Father Rangi with no or little respect for the earth, our Mother Papa

Each and everyone of us is being called to become responsible for our own healing and bring our own female and male energies in balance. For if we understand that we are Nature, then to ‘Heal Thyself’, as these words stood on the Greek healing temples of old, is the way to heal our relationship with Mother Earth and the whole of us.

The words ‘Nurture Thyself’ follow on from this to incorporate our healing. These words are where we look to sustain this state of harmony, individually and collectively.