First Light® Nature’s Healing Matrix©

Mother Nature has been our source of wisdom for healing throughout the ages.
The sacred healing wisdom has been relayed by the plants themselves to humans since the beginning of time and there have been many healers, alchemists, teachers who have recognised this wisdom and worked alongside Mother Nature to bring healing to the people and the animals of this planet.
The 21st century has the advantage of all its technological and medical progression, but in some ways this has also been a setback. When we learn to work alongside nature for a healing outcome and follow her laws and use technology in service of this, we will have the key to a world of well-being and wholeness. In nature everything is interconnected and nothing exists in isolation. Every tree in the wood, every rock in the river, every bird in the bush, is important.

We are nature and as human beings we are of matter in the world around us. Our actions and reactions cause changes, good ones and bad ones, and our influence on the world is very real. When you look at our world we all live on, our planet earth, and slice it in a diagonal way it is made up of different layers. There is the crust, the upper mantle, the mantle, the outer core, and then the inner core where it is the hottest and the earth is actually liquid. Our earth is further influenced by the atmospheres around it: the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, the thermosphere and the exosphere.

Looking at a human being, the same layers and spheres exist. When we want to get to the core of the solution to someone’s healing, we have to go through the same layers of the atmosphere, crust and the mantles to get to the liquid core where healing awaits. Nature uses a certain sequence to heal herself after the occurrence of a natural disaster when animal and plant life is damaged by her forces.

This self-regeneration takes 5 healing phases . When we want to work with healing people, we will have to work with these phases in the same way. This is called Nature’s Healing Matrix and the first five essence families of First Light Flower Essences recreate this model for healing. The personality, the aura, the chakra’s, the DNA and the soul are the different layers linked together where we have to look at if we want to bring about healing. Often we can only see one of the outer layers being out of balance where personality can flare up and create problems in the life. In cases where imbalances have been with someone longer and have gone deeper, it can manifest as sickness or disease.

By changing the relationship to your ‘underworld’ processes, true healing can emerge and this will give a person the means to strike out in life to live to his or her fullest potential. The five families of First Light Essences, Flowers, Ferns, Trees, Seeds and Plants each hold a key to a phase in someone’s healing, each just as important for total health and well-being. Working with Nature’s Healing Matrix we can adjust the layer(s) that need to be brought into balance. The layers can be worked with in any order or sequence, and the essences have the potential to restore total health and well-being for a person.

Flowers – Ferns – Trees – Seeds – Plants
When a person has personality and behavioural issues, the Flowers essences are the essences to transform the negative attitudes into a positive expression.
When someone has been through a traumatic situation the Fern essences are the means to shift and clear negative vibrational imprints on the aura.
The Trees help one to balance their chakra’s and will right the imbalances in their energy wheels expressed by anxieties and secondary fears.
After the clearing and balancing with the above essences the Seed essences sow back in the master patterns of life that awaken us to having a positive dynamic relationship to life.
They work with the DNA. The Plant essences have the capacity to create a link between the spirit of a person and the soul of a person, to inspire them to grow and live life according to their true destination and soul’s purpose.