First Light® flower essence No 67 Red Rata – inner guidance and spiritual connectedness

The first Red Rata plant I acquired I brought with me when I had a stall for flower essences for a women’s day in Whangarei. The plant was flowering and it attracted a lot of attention from admiring women that day.
Red Rata is the plant that is connected to the Hierophant in the Tarot cards, and it is one of the Soul lessons in the First Light Plant family. You can learn about your Soul’s lesson for this lifetime by calculating the numerology for your birth year. When I was at the fair I offered to do this for the women who came the stall that admired Red Rata that day. Every single one of them had Red Rata as their over lighting Soul’s lesson: listening to that inner voice that connects you to your spirit. Even my friend who I was running the stall with me said : I have been looking at that plant all day, what is it? And again, her life path number added up to number 5, Red Rata..!

Red Rata is the plant helps us become clear to receive the messages of our inner guidance, keeps us in touch with our life path and what we are here to do. It brings in vision about that what we are wanting to create. And it helps us to hear the voice of our guardian angel(s).
When you hold a branch of flowering Red Rata in your hand you can see little pinpricks of light at the end of the long red stamen. They like to climb up a tree fern (like Wheki or Black Mamaku), but will climb up a stone wall if that is what is closest.

Red Rata – The Hierophant essence – for creating a bridge between the higher and the lower self.
Useful for closing the gap between your outer and inner being so you can listen to your intuition, higher Self, spirit. 

✵ Flower essence information sourced from “The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa, Volume One.” by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber.