First Light® flower essence No 83 Kakabeak – The essence of completion and transformation

My first encounter with Kakabeak was while I was travelling around Lake Waikaremoana. Driving along the dirt road around the lake I saw a cage with tall plants with red blooms on it. I was intrigued and stopped to have a look. The plant with the red flowers turned out to be several Kakabeak plants.
To see the flowers up close I had to go in the cage which was an interesting experience, as normally you will find flowers in the wild and not caged up. Felt some trepidation on entering the cage myself. Later I learned that the plants were grown in cages as the deer would come and eat them otherwise.
Seeing the huge long tresses of flowers shaped like the beaks of the Kaka parrot was quite a special sight.
Interestingly, it came at the end of studies that I had undertaken which is exactly the essence that Kakabeak holds, that of completion. That same week, I saw Kakabeak at three other places, it was clear to me that the presence of Kakabeak with completion and transformation was at its work!

Kakabeak is the essence of endings and therefor new beginnings, it helps one to tie up all the loose ends of a project, a relationship, a stage of life. It can help to integrate all that is learned from what has come before or what has been undertaken.
Kakabeak can also be a great help with (international) travel, it helps one to stay grounded and in touch with oneself.

First Light® flower essence No 83 Kakabeak Kakabeak : the joy of completion and closure – useful moving past circumstances that keep you from that final transition – also helpful for travel and moving house or country.

✵ Flower essence information sourced from “The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa, Volume One.” by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber.